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    Can we get your free samples?
    1. For the samples in our stock color or size, sure, we'd love to provide you for free to test the quality, but hope you can bear the shipping cost.
    2. For the customized samples, we can also make new samples as your requests, but hope you can bear this samples cost.

  • [Account Period] About Account Period

    Application Procedure
    1. Contact us to get the Info table
    2. Fill in the table
    3. We will inspect your qualification
    4. Get the result
    Details of Account Period
    1. We’d like to offer you a 30-90 days account period, we will inform you the concrete time after the inspecting.
    2. If you want to apply for the

  • [Encyclopedia] Eco friendly cosmetic packaging: 2019 latest cosmetics packaging trend

    In recent years, the market has developed rapidly and the level of globalization is high. This has led to the evolution of the cosmetics industry, and one of the fastest growing branches in the industry is cosmetic packaging. One of the most important factors influencing cosmetic packaging trends an

  • [Milestones] 2018

    With the 14 years’ accumulation, Gidea has grown into a full-fledged enterprise, and been equipped with the most advanced devices, we can meet all your feasible requirements for products.

  • [Milestones] 2016

    After 12-year hard working, Gidea made a stunning break through, annual sales reached 10 million USD .

  • [Milestones] 2015

    Gidea became one of the leaders of cosmetic packaging industry in Zhejiang province, and the yearly turnover increased rapidly and strikingly.

  • [Milestones] 2010

    Allying with Qianjin Plastic Co. Ltd. made it possible to double the yearly turnover of Gidea,
    which almost reached 4 million USD.

  • [Milestones] 2008

    Cooperating with Baiya Plastic strategically, and Gidea’s yearly turnover reached 2 million USD.

  • [Milestones] 2004

    Allen Chen established Gidea Packaging Co. Ltd.

  • [Encyclopedia] 20 Effective Tips to Lose Belly Fat (Backed by Science)

    Belly fat is more than just a nuisance that makes your clothes feel tight.Fat inside the belly area is also termed visceral fat, and it is seriously harmful.This type of fat is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, to name a few (1).Many health organizations use BMI (body mass i





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