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  • Ocean-Bound Plastic

    Gidea Packaging is always committed to develop environmental packagings, except refillable packagings, PCR products, now we developed a new sustainable packaging -OBP.

  • Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging-PCR Packaging

    What is Sustainable Packaging?Sustainable packaging can also be called eco-friendly packaging and pollution-free packaging. It refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and recycled, and is in line with sustainable development.One of the most

  • What is mono-material?

    What is mono-material cosmetics packaging?A mono material refers to a product composed of a single material or fibre, as opposed to packaging made from different materials. Products could be made out of paper, plastic, glass, fabric, metal or other materials. This makes the recycling process much ea Why are mono-materials a hot topic for the cosmetics packaging industry? Gidea Packaging, with over 18 years’ experience in cosmetic packaging, is always committed to the development of environmental protection.Helps brand your product in line with sustainable development.

  • Back to Nature -BAMBOO PACKAGING

    More and more companies in this highly competitive industry wants to get “back to nature”. The naturalness and sustainability of packaging are now is a trend, which needs to be as natural and resource-saving as possible. Made from renewable sources, bamboo is one of the best options for plant-based

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Mother is a great word, she is beauty, power, love and all for a child We love our mother, wish her young , beauty and healthy We prepare gifts for her: A beautiful dress, a set of quality skin care products, or dinner outside with her... We keep her in a good mood, do whatever we can , love her f