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What is PCR Plastic
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What is PCR Plastic

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What is PCR Plastic

Gideapackaging PCR products

What is PCR Plastic

PCR is short for post-consumer recycled. After the post-consumer plastic is recycled, it is sorted, cleaned and granulated by the recycling system to make new plastic granules. Plastic pellets have the same structure as the plastic before recycling. This practice not only reduces carbon dioxide emissions, but also reduces energy consumption. In the following article we answer frequently asked questions about this material.

International background on PCR Plastics

With the aggravation of global environmental protection problems, many countries and regions have proposed their own emission reduction targets. Specifically, the plastic products industry mainly reduces carbon emissions through the recycling of bio-based degradable materials and plastic products.


Australia: 70% of packaging products must be reusable, recyclable or degradable from 2025.


British: Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) came into force in the UK on 1 April 2022. It applies at a rate of £200/tonne on plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled plastic, manufactured or imported into the UK (including packaging on goods which are imported).


EU:Started 1 January 2021, the contribution is calculated by the weight of non-recycled plastic packaging waste with a uniform rate of EUR 0.80 per kilogram.


US:A US Senate bill to put a 10 cent/lb tax on virgin plastic resin in 2022 is currently in committee.


What types of PCR are currently used in the market?

The main categories of PCR materials are: PET, PP, ABS, PS, PE, PS and so on. Common general-purpose plastics can be PCR-ready. Its essence is to recycle and reuse new materials after use.

How many times can PCR plastic be recycled?

PCR plastic is a circular material which means it can be recycled again after use. You can safely recycle PCR plastic approximately 7-9 times.

Market Prospects of PCR Plastics

It is foreseeable that in a short period of time in the future, there will be a large-scale demand for PCR plastics. However, the current PCR plastics supply cannot meet the market demand, and the shortage is huge. Therefore, whether it is from the green circular economy or the requirements of policies and regulations, the market demand for PCR materials in the future will show a growing trend.


Which PCR plastic products do we offer?

Gidea-packaging produce a range of skincare and cosmetic packaging made of PCR plastics and can offer a range of PCR material certifications. We believe that sustainability is a never-ending journey and promise to continue to explore opportunities to reduce our environmental impact in the long run. We are committed to this philosophy and plan to expand our scope by adding more products to our refill system.


Learn more about Gidea-Packaging here.

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