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There are three main advantages to using aluminum cosmetic containers.

First of all aluminum is recyclable. For companies interested in taking steps to go green, this is a way to get started. Environmentally conscious consumers will be happy to see less plastic on the shelves. Choosing aluminum is a great way to advertise that your product is more environmentally friendly.

Second, choosing aluminum gives cosmetic companies the option to eliminate a step in the design process. Aluminum containers allow for in-line printing. This means that logos, designs and information can be printed directly on the bottle, eliminating the need for additional labels.

Third, the advantage of choosing aluminum is aluminum is easy to process. Aluminum can be easily manipulated to create a variety of looks. Aluminum can change color, various container shapes can be created, and due to the properties of aluminum, the container will remain durable.

In recent years, with the countries paying more and more attention to environmental protection, the global supply of wood is decreasing, and the rational use and development of bamboo resources are getting more and more important. bamboo cosmetic packaging is becoming one of the important consumer goods in developed countries and regions. 

Gidea Packaging are trying hand at refillable culture. So far, the Refill Packaging series developed by Gidea Packaging has provided environmental protection solutions for many well-known international brands, using Gidea Refill Packaging to reduce 98% of packaging waste.



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