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Eco friendly cosmetic packaging, also called biodegradable cosmetic packaging, is made from recycled materials. brand owner can take advantage of these new containers as carbon friendly products. Gidea is an eco friendly cosmetic packaging wholesale, providing PCR cosmetic packaging and sugarcane cosmetic packaging. Eco friendly cosmetic containers can keep products safe, clean and undisturbed from the packaging. 

Gidea is a cosmetic jar wholesale providing a range of high quality, classic and modern empty cosmetic jars containers. They are made from different materials and have different design, colors and shapes. In addition, they can be used to cosmetic industry for skin care, eye creams, serums and so on. Our cosmetic jar including bamboo jar, glass jar, aluminum jar, acrylic jar and other plastic jar ( PP jar, PET jar, PETG jar, ABS jar, MS jar, AS jar, PS jar ). the cosmetic jars we made and supply are guaranteed to have an excellent quality and competitive price.

Gidea is a cosmetic bottle supplier offering a wide variety of cosmetic bottles. We have cost-effective and high-quality cosmetic bottles with various designs and styles. Below you will find bamboo bottle, glass bottle, aluminum bottle, acrylic bottle and other plastic bottle (PP bottle, PE bottle, PET bottle, PETG bottle, ABS bottle, MS bottle, AS bottle, HDPE bottle) that are sure to make your cosmetic products look best.

Airless packaging is a pressure-free and tamper-proof dispensing system that combines a mechanical activated pump and a specially designed container which, after filling and airtight sealing, delivers the product without any air intake. Airless packaging is an idea choice for cosmetic, medical and pharmaceutical packaging. Gidea is a cosmetic packaging supplier providing airless bottle, airless jar and airless pump tube.

With a team of experts with 15-year experience, Gidea becomes an industry leader in providing innovative and high quality empty cosmetic tubes. We have various cosmetic tube sizes that vary by diameter, length, shape, head style, material and cap options. Cosmetic tube packaging includes aluminum tube, industrial and pharmaceutical tube, lip gloss tube, cream tube and nozzle tube.

Gidea is an empty nail polish supplier, and we have a great selection of manicure nail polish container that could be well-suited for your salon manicure products. Empty nail polish bottle with brush cap could be ideal for cuticle oil, nail strengthener and other nail treatments. the convenient brush cap allows the user to neatly dispense or apply just the right amount of liquid every time. Below you will find nail polish bottle and nail polish pen.

Gidea is a long-standing cosmetic packaging wholesale and have 15 years' experience. We provide a wide range of makeup cases at competitive price, attractive high quality and cost-effective services. our products and materials can be custom-made to fit your design needs, and our makeup cases are especially durable and affordable.