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The acrylic bottle is a durable plastic cosmetic cream bottle. Acrylic bottles for cosmetics have nice looking and high-grade transparency which makes it noble. Gidea's acrylic bottles have different designs and sizes that can meet your different needs for the cream bottle. Customizing color and pattern are welcomed.

ABS cosmetic bottle is made of a relatively stable material that has high-grade transparency. It can be used in the cosmetic industry for the packaging of skincare and eye cream. Gidea is a plastic cosmetic bottle wholesale, providing different designs and sizes of cream bottles cosmetic packaging to meet your different needs. Customizing color and pattern are welcomed.

PP cosmetic bottle is one of the most widely used plastic cosmetic bottles up to now. It applies to facial cream, body cream, and bath salt, etc. Regard as a plastic cosmetic bottle supplier, Gidea has many types of PP cosmetic containers with different capacities.

Like glass bottle, PET cosmetic bottles also can resist microorganisms, but it has less risk of shattering during transit. PET is a stable material so it will not react with lotion, toner, shampoo, etc. Because of its lightweight, using PET cosmetic bottles can reduce shipping costs. Gidea provides high quality empty PET cosmetic bottles.

PETG is an eco-friendly material. It can be applied in not only food and medical health care but also skincare packaging. Gidea as a cosmetic bottle wholesale, supplying square, round, and ball-shaped PETG cosmetic bottles.

PE is a stable material so it will not react with lotion, toner, essence, etc. PE cosmetic bottle has a soft body so it can be squeezed. Gidea, as a cosmetic bottles wholesale, offers PE cosmetic bottles with different functions.

AS cosmetic bottle is made of a plastic material with a high grade of transparency, high impact, good heat resistance, and mechanical properties. Gidea supplies different shapes of the AS cosmetic bottle to meet your needs. Customizing color and pattern are welcomed. 

HDPE bottle is one of the most common plastics cosmetic containers used in cosmetic packaging. HDPE material is known for its durability and strength, and it has a good temperature resistance and water vapor barrier. HDPE bottles have high transparency so users can see the product inside the bottle. Gidea is a cosmetic bottle wholesale and its HDPE bottle can be color-matched.



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