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  • [Encyclopedia] How to Do Business Chinese Style — Using Connections and Honor

    How to Do Business Chinese Style — Using Connections and HonorIf there are two words worth knowing in approaching Chinese culture — worth knowing and worth understanding — those two words are guanxi (关系 /gwann-sshee/ 'connections') and mianzi (面子 /myen-dzrr/ literally 'face'). Knowing the right peop

  • [Encyclopedia] How to DIY a lipstick


  • [Encyclopedia] China's Foreign Trade

    China's Foreign Trade2011/12/07Information Office of the State CouncilThe People's Republic of ChinaDecember 2011, BeijingContentsForewordI. Historic Progress in China's Foreign TradeII. Reform of and Improvements to China's Foreign Trade SystemIII. The Development of China's Foreign Trade Contribut

  • [Encyclopedia] A brief introdution of some common cosmetic packaging materials

    Here are some common cosmetic packgaging materials that used in the cosmetic industry.

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