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  • [Milestones] 2018

    With the 14 years’ accumulation, Gidea has grown into a full-fledged enterprise, and been equipped with the most advanced devices, we can meet all your feasible requirements for products.

  • [Milestones] 2016

    After 12-year hard working, Gidea made a stunning break through, annual sales reached 10 million USD .

  • [Milestones] 2015

    Gidea became one of the leaders of cosmetic packaging industry in Zhejiang province, and the yearly turnover increased rapidly and strikingly.

  • [Milestones] 2010

    Allying with Qianjin Plastic Co. Ltd. made it possible to double the yearly turnover of Gidea, which almost reached 4 million USD.

  • [Milestones] 2008

    Cooperating with Baiya Plastic strategically, and Gidea’s yearly turnover reached 2 million USD.

  • [Milestones] 2004

    Allen Chen established Gidea Packaging Co. Ltd.


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