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Eco friendly cosmetic packaging: 2019 latest cosmetics packaging trend

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In recent years, the market has developed rapidly and the level of globalization is high. This has led to the evolution of the cosmetics industry, and one of the fastest growing branches in the industry is cosmetic packaging. One of the most important factors influencing cosmetic packaging trends and recent developments is consumer preferences. As consumer preferences change, the trend in cosmetic packaging has also changed. Eco friendly cosmetic packaging now is the latest cosmetic packaging trend in 2019.

Cosmetic packaging materials commonly used by brands in the cosmetics industry include plastics, glass, metals and so on. Cosmetics industry uses a lot of plastics, and almost all personal care and cosmetic products are in plastic bottles or jars. It is well known that plastic waste will eventually enter the ocean, and it is expected that there will be more plastic in the world's oceans than fish. This has a negative impact on the environment.  




Biodegradable cosmetic packaging

Recently, as people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, consumers demand that cosmetics packaging should be more environmental-friendly. Therefore, different brands, organizations and suppliers in the cosmetics packaging industry are promoting the development of biodegradable packaging processes, and there has been an environmentally responsible method of producing products.

Biodegradable polymers are commonly used to minimize waste because they are a type of material that can be broken down into natural elements by the action of microorganisms in a short time after disposal. This is why biodegradable cosmetic packaging usually takes only about a year or less to break down into natural elements. This will have a positive impact on the economy and the environment. The Biodegradable polymers that have been commonly used in cosmetic packaging include cellulose, starch, polycaprolactone (PCL), poly lactic acid PLA, polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) and chitosan among others. 

Recycled PET

A popular sustainable material used today in the field of green packaging is recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The similarities between PET and glass and 100% recyclable materials make it the first choice for personal care packaging.

One study found that recycled PET actually requires less energy than equivalent tons of pure PET resin. The study showed that the corresponding greenhouse gas emissions savings were about 1.1 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. Gidea is a reliable cosmetic packaging wholesale.



Green Chemistry

Environmentally friendly packaging can not only solve the problem of environmental protection of its own materials, but also promote the environmental protection of cosmetic materials. solvent-free packaging product technology is an important step in adopting a sustainable process. This technology uses mineral micro-spheres to create smart materials. The guided reaction between air, water and temperature forms micro-spheres. These can be integrated into existing packaging to prevent microbial activity. Therefore, cosmetics do not require synthetic preservatives in the packaging.

Aluminium Eco packaging

Aluminum Eco-packaging has become the main standard for environmentally friendly production. All sustainable companies want to produce only ecological products that meet their customers' expectations. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to the material quality, design and environmental impact of the products they purchase.

In recent years, modern manufacturing has chosen aluminum as their favorite environmentally friendly packaging material. Production companies have found the best compromise between industrial versatility, high material efficiency and environmental sustainability in aluminium properties.

The aluminum Eco-package has high formability, is easy to customize and has little impact on the environment. Aluminum is extracted from bauxite and can be recycled 100%. The package can be melted and recycled multiple times without changing its natural characteristics. This metal can be processed at high and low temperatures to shape it and create a custom Eco-package design.

The eco-friendly packaging of cosmetics is mainly used in luxury brands, cosmetics, parabens and preservative-free products.Cosmetic packaging is easy to customize, and eye-catching design evokes the brand's philosophy. Aluminum Eco-packaging is particularly suitable for the cosmetics industry because of its bright surface, insulating properties and the fragility of aluminum foil, which can be created indefinitely.

The advantages of Eco friendly cosmetic packaging

1. Enhance the brand image

In recent years, more and more consumers have demanded environmental friendly packaging. Therefore, the use of biodegradable cosmetic packaging will help brands improve image in the public mind. This will let people know that your brand is not only concerned about money, but also about the impact of their products on the planet.

Reducing your carbon footprint is a responsible decision. You want to know how your company affects the local and global reach around you. Our business today is the future of tomorrow. The more sustainable your approach, the longer you can stay in business.

Today's consumers are aware of their waste. The network has made us an interconnected global world with transparent access to information about how the business affects our future.

Consumers demand change. 53% of consumers pay a premium for green products and bands. In addition, 86% of US consumers expect companies to be socially and environmentally conscious.

Millennials especially expect this sense of social responsibility. If your sustainability efforts can appeal to these customers, you are more likely to gain loyalty and return to business from these high-income audiences.

2. Expand customer base

According to various global studies, the demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products continues to grow. This is your chance to push yourself into an environment-focused organization. Today, consumers are looking for sustainable products when making purchase decisions. As people become more aware of environmental protection, Eco friendly cosmetic packaging will attract more consumers.



3. Save money

Sustainable and eco-friendly products are often packaged in lighter materials that can ultimately help you save on transportation costs. Think locally when sourcing freight carriers and materials for packaging. A well-designed logistics plan will directly impact your costs in a positive way. Not to mention that your customers will also appreciate when the product is lightweight and easy to recycle.

In the long run, green packaging and reduced waste can actually save you a lot of profits. Once implemented, these eco-friendly options are actually cheaper and more effective for most online brands. In addition, if your business has taken some sustainability measures, there are some financial incentives and tax cuts.

4. Environmental protection

One of the most popular advantages of biodegradable cosmetic packaging is environmental protection. Biodegradable packaging is usually made of decomposable materials that reduce the waste of natural resources in production, and these materials produce less greenhouse gases than petroleum-based plastics. Moreover, the manufacturing process is more efficient, which reduces waste of valuable resources and reduces harmful effects on the environment. The use of biodegradable cosmetic packaging does not release harmful chemicals that can contaminate water or air, as these materials usually break down into non-toxic ingredients.

5. Easy Disposal

Environmentally friendly packaging also tends to be better for the environment after it has been used. It can be recycled or composted depending on the specific type of packaging you use. This means that if your customers have composting facilities, they simply turn the discarded packaging into plant fuel. If there is no compost, they will be able to bury the residue in a short time with degradation. For recyclable packaging, the end user will simply throw their packing in the recycling bin so it can be reused.


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